1PCS 45lb Magnetic Gun Mount - US Tactical Warehouse
1PCS 45lb Magnetic Gun Mount - US Tactical Warehouse
1PCS 45lb Magnetic Gun Mount - US Tactical Warehouse
1PCS 45lb Magnetic Gun Mount - US Tactical Warehouse
US Tactical Warehouse

1PCS 45lb Magnetic Gun Mount

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In the United States alone there are over a million violent crimes a year. In order to protect your family, all your possessions, and yourself you must be ready. These magnets make that easy by allowing you to make your weapons accessible, but secure. This powerful duel magnet system can hold up to 45lbs! Great to Place under desks, in cars, or on any wall! They also double as an incredibly efficient way to organize your weapons and magazines. Make sure you and your family are ready for any situation with this incredibly useful product. Get yours now before we sell out!!


SAVE PRECIOUS SECONDS! Having your gun ready and close to you.The versatile magnet can be installed anywhere you choose.HOLDS UP TO 45 LBS of weight for larger pistols and guns. USE TWO if you need to hold longer firearms like SHOTGUNS or RIFLES.
EASY TO INSTALL: Use the given screws or Mounting Tape to attach the magnet to your preferred surface. The special coated surface so it will not scratch the finish of your gun!
RAPID REMOVAL of your firearm from the magnet is easy when mounted tightly in a concealed location. Safe when in a moving vehicle with ensured muzzle position control, so that you may hold any pistol or knife out there in any position wanted. Also gives you the convenience of mounting the magnet in any possible way.
STRONG HOLD OF YOUR GUN: It would take an earthquake of a 7 on the magnitude scale to break loose your firearm from this magnet, but you can simply release it by moving it to the side, like a door lever handle, and you're good to go! Also we guarantee you will find numerous of other uses for this powerful magnet!
GET PEACE OF MIND, knowing that your gun is within ready and very CONVENIENT to just reach for it in an EMERGENCY! Hanging your pistol or revolver in an accessible location like under a desk! Tough enough for almost any firearm and an overall great price for a device that will aid in maintaining a weapon within reach when one may or may not be needed!
DISCLAIMER: If a weapon will be mounted to this magnet, please keep this magnet out of the reach of all Children. Please remember buyer takes full responsibility of this product. Pistol Holder For Hand Gun Car/Truck Seat, Mattress/Bedside

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